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China's Plant Extract Industry's International Competitiveness Enhances, NEX 2018 Opens New Journey

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In recent years, stable growth of demand for plant extracts in developed countries and regions in Europe and America has greatly stimulated the development of the plant extract industry in China. Global sales of plant extracts reached US$10.14 billion in 2006, reaching US$33.32 billion in 2016, with an average annual growth rate of 12.63%. After rapid development in recent years, China’s position in the world has also been increasing. The market share of plant extracts has reached 7.16%. It is estimated that since 2017, the compound annual growth rate of the plant extract market in China will be 9.0%, and by 2022 it will reach 6.03 billion US dollars.

On June 20-22, 2018, 2018, the Shanghai New International Expo Center again struck. At that time, many high-quality extractive companies at home and abroad will be brought together to help enterprises develop pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, functional foods, dietary supplements and other fields. Planting companies in transition offer a variety of solutions. After 9 years of cultivation, NEX Exhibition has achieved remarkable improvement in the number of exhibitors, exhibition area, number and quality of visitors, and has become the premier annual event of the implant industry.